Authentic Living Coach Program

“So often we sacrifice who we truly are in the name of fitting in with everyone else. This course will reveal the true you”


Certified Authentic Living Coach

Authentic Living

Learn how to apply the principals of authetic living to every day life for personal growth and development

Help Others

Learn how to help others to be true to themselves and live authentically so that they can live with stress

Power of Mind

Students will learn how to use the power of the mind to access their resources so that they can achieve more, easily

View Other Models of the World

Your will learn how to respect other peoples model of the world and see things through different lenses

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This course is truly eye opening and might well change the way you look at life forever.

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Your Instructor - Matt Barnett

International Coach and Trainer

iGPPA™ Certified Instructor

Headgear™ Labs CEO

Best-seller Author

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What Others Say About the Course:

"Not only has this information been applicable in my professional life dealing with customers, direct reports, and influencing my managers, but in my personal life, as well. Within the first few lectures I heard things that I immediately took to heart.

Matt Barnett's style of teaching is packed full of information delivered in a manner that is easy to understand.

I highly recommend this and Matt's other courses. See for yourself!"

Matthew Knights