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Become an Internationally Certified CBT Practitioner

Internationally Certified

Learn how to become an internationally recognised CBT Practitioner - Certified by the iGCBT™

Real CBT Tools

You will learn real CBT tools that you can use with your clients so that they can deal with presenting issues in their life

Understand Motivation

Discover the Motivations that drive behaviour so that you can assist your clients in developing more useful strategies

Discover Tasking Strategies

DIscover how to develop tasking strategies so that you can provide your clients with actionable post session exercises.

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Don’t take my word. My course has been reviewed & rated with five stars by thousands of students.

"I’m so excited that Matthew has this course available! He has a style that makes everything incredibly easy to understand and remember. The content is top-notch. I strongly recommend Matthew’s courses! He’s a great instructor and this one is definitely worth your time and money!!!!"

Pamela Lang, Certified CBT Practitioner

"The material is presented in consistent and consecutive manner. The speech is clear unlike the previous course I singed for. Good content as well"

Damira Dussanova, Certified CBT Practitioner

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Become an Internationally Certified CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner Certified by the iGCBT™

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Upon completion of this course you become eligible to get certified by iGCBT™.


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"Excellent ! I love this course so much for it's prrofessionally preparing people to be a practitioner."

Adriansyah SE Ak

"An extremely comprehensive course! I will be accessing this material again. In a word AMAZING!"

Joseph Shapona

"Nice and easy to keep up with. Good sound level and pleasant voice. Text reaffirm what is being spoken. The two are a match making learning easy."

Mike Danton

Internationally Certified Course

These are the certificates you are eligable to obtain after completing this course.

This is a course certified by the iGCBT, an independed certification guild for CBT practitioners.

This course has been certified by the CPD with 17 CPD Hours.

Why CBT?

CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy is results and training based. This makes it the perfect addition to the skill set of a life coach or therapist.

If you have experience or NLP or if you have studied NLP at any level then you will soon realise tha CBT and NLP are very similar in their approach to problems. In fact NLP is a theory that sits well within the CBT Framework

You will learn how to take control of your thoughts and therefore your results, you will learn how to assist your clients in being the very best version of themselves possible.

This CBT custs through the 'fluff' and gets straight to the business of using CBT to enhance lives.  With the appropriate amount of detail and without cutting corners this course delivers everything you need to be confident in helping others.

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