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Rituals and Affirmations

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What will I learn?

How to engage with the Law of Attraction so that you can manifest whatever you choose easily and effortlessly

How to take on new clients and set up your relationship with new clients in the best way so that there is no confusion

The power of the unconscious mind so that you can harness its power to deliver consistently good results

How energy works so that you can attract the correct type of energy to your situation

Why the Law of Attraction is not a fluffy spiritual nonsense but a phenomenon easily proven with practical example

The impact of positive thinking and negative thinking

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Your Instructor - Matt Barnett

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Law of attraction Basics
  • Thoughts become things
  • Does the law of attraction work
  • Proof for non believers
  • On understanding Purpose
  • Where attention goes energy flows
How the law of attraction works
  • The power of your unconscious mind
  • Engaging with the unconscious mind
  • The collective unconscious
  • Connecting to the Source
  • Flow and vibration
  • Let go of the past
  • Success as a process not as a thing
Prime directives of the unconscious mind
  • Stores all memories
  • Organises all memories
  • May repress memories
  • Presents repressed memories for resolution
  • May Keep Repressed memories repressed
  • Runs the Body
  • Preserves the Body
  • Is a highly Moral being
  • Needs clear instructions to follow
  • Controls and maintains perceptions
  • Generates stores and distributes energy
  • Maintains and generates new habits
  • Needs repetition until a new habit is installed
  • Unconscious mind is conditioned to seek out more
  • Works best as a whole integrated unit
  • Unconscious mind is symbolic
  • Takes everything personally
  • Does not process negatives
  • Is the domain of the emotions
  • Works on the path of least resistance
Law of Attraction in Practices
  • Directed Action
  • Cultivate and attitude of gratitude
Realtime Thinking
  • Attraction and why being present is important
  • Living in the present moment
  • Opt to live with a conscious objectivity
Rituals and Affirmations
  • Law of attraction and how to use affirmations
  • The Law of Attraction Doesn't Understand NO
  • Rituals and Mind Powe
Law of Attraction and Relationships
  • Three Steps To Manifesting Better Relationships
  • Steps To Manifesting Better Relationships Step 2
  • Steps To Manifesting Better Relationships Step 3
Law of Attraction and Money
  • The Way to Attract Money Fast
  • Why Money Is Hard To Attract
  • Creating a Money Portal
The Law of Attraction Mindset
  • To Focus or Not To Focus
  • Developing Attraction Skills
Tools and Skills for the Law of Attraction
  • How To Do Peripheral Vision
  • Writing SMART Goals
  • Tools For Transforming Your Life
Secrets to Making the Law of Attraction Work
  • Making the Law of Attraction Easy
How to Maintain Attraction Flow
  • Your Vibration Barometer
Dude, where is my Ferrari?
  • Things That Prevent You From Attracting What You Want
  • When It Seems That Nothing Is Happening

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Carla Marzi

"I am enjoying the class very much. It has so much more information than I expected. I thought I knew a lot about the Law of attraction, but now I know that what I was missing was the knowledge about the unconscious and conscious mind. The instructor goes into such detail and explains it so well that I find what might normally be difficult the grasp, very easy."

Kay Ann Allmand

"Matthew is wonderful! I'm a long time student of Law of Attraction and this presentation is fresh and smart and grounded. Getting a lot out of it so far!"

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