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Internationally Certified

Learn how to become an internationally recognised NLP Master Practitioner - Certified by the iGNLP™ & ABNLP

Learn Modelling

Learn the process of modelling to effectively replicate excellence so that you or your clients can dramatically improve your results

Discover Values Level Thinking

Discover values level thinking so that you can better understand what motivates and drives your clients

Learn Meta Programs

Learn the amazing insights of Meta Programs to truly understand how your clients think

Become a Master NLP Practitioner. Start now.

In this ground breaking NLP Training from Matt Barnett (a genuine & certified NLP trainer). You will train to Master NLP Practitioner level with a course that meets and exceeds the requirements of the iGNLP™. Plus you will be eligible to apply for a personalised Certificate from my Training Organisation which will enable you to apply for membership with  the iGNLP 

Internationally Certified Course

These are the certificates you are eligable to obtain after completing this course.

This is a course certified by the iGNLP, an independed certification guild for NLP practitioners.

This course has been certified by the CPD with 15 CPD Hours.

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Your Instructor - Matt Barnett

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What my students say:

Don’t take my word. My course has been reviewed & rated with five stars by thousands of students.

"This course very practical and informative. Going through NLP from Practitioner to Master Practitioner has been very transformational to say the least. Matt’s delivery of the course is very good and holds your attention all the way through. I recommend NLP to everyone now."

Natasha McDowall, Certified NLP Master Practitioner

"It is like a layer of darkness has been lifted it is making so much sence all those in leadership must go through this NLP training cause it elevates ones ability to lead without that much effort."

Willoughby Zondo, Certified Master NLP Practitioner

What's inside:

Section one: Meta programs

Understanding the processes that go on in the mind, allows us as practitioners to see how the client’s thinking patterns are causing problems and suggest better alternatives. Often the problems are not conscious in the client’s mind. 

Section two: Values

When trying to understand why someone behaves the way they do, identifying their values provides great insight. Our values direct our behaviour and our decision making process. 

Section three: Modeling

Modeling is the way we initially learn behaviour. Growing up, we copy what we see. Modeling is also useful in adulthood. We can use the techniques other people use successfully to achieve those same results. 

Section four: Values level thinking

Throughout history human capabilities and the model of thinking has developed. As we grow up we go through these same levels of development. However, we can get stuck using an unhealthy mindset, preventing further development. 

Section five: Quantum linguistics

This section focuses on language. Identifying language patterns in clients helps you to understand them. It also directs you towards techniques you can use to challenge them to overcome their problems. 

Section six: Sleight of mouth

Perception determines behaviour. It's only through switching perception around that new options are tried. It is easy to get stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy that stops clients from achieving their goals. 

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