Turn what you know into a thriving profitable coaching business

Discover the time proven process for leveraging your knowledge and building a successful coaching bussines that gives you the time and financial freedom you desire - it's as easy as 1 -2-3 (when you know how).

*only for people serious about building a successful coaching business

"Thank you so much for this program. I am so much more prepared to launch. I was going to launch a group course first, but I have decided to do a course with dripped content out first while I market to get people for a group. You have explained things so well that I didn't have questions many weeks, but I was constantly following along. I loved the extra content this week. It really helped me feel better about marketing!"

Hannah St Meyers

Coach Kickstart Student - Elite Kickstarter

Matt Barnett has worked with over 130,000 people all over the world helping them build profitable levearged businesses

"Not everyone is cut out to be an Elite Kickstarter - There is real work involved. however I promise there is no better way to build a coaching business, in fact I guarantee it!"

- Matt Barnett, International Coach

CoachKickstart™ Program

CoachKickstart™ - The sure-fire way to kickstart your successful career

Clients on tap right when you want them

Imagine having a steady flow of prospects just waititng to become a new client from all of the world!

Get FREE prospects day in day out

Yep... What if I told you that you can build a hugely successful coaching business withot having to spend a single penny on advertising or marketing.

Work with your ideal client

Working the Coach Kickstart way you will have the flexibility to choose who you work with. Select your ideal clients.

Remove the Guesswork from your business

Set up your business wtihin a tried and tested framework developed by one of the worlds leading coaches of DECADES.

Charge the amount you deserve

Remove the NEED for working with everyone and anyone - Cherry pick your clients and charge figures that you deserve.

Learn Matt's Zero advertising success strategies

Set conversion goals and measure conversions. All the key metrics you need to optimise your campaigns.

Learn SECRET strategies to skyrocket success

Hosted in the cloud with just a click. Highly secure geographically distributed servers.

Uncover the secret tools

Matt will share with you tools you will not find anywhere else to build your coaching business the easy way.

Look at the incredible value packed into this 8 week program:

Online Learning Course

8 weeks worth of online video course content on starting a successful coaching business. 

Weekly Q&A's

Every week Matt will answer your questions in a form of an video Q&A session.

MP3 audio lessons

All the course lessons and Q&A's will be provided in an audio MP3 form that you can listen to - wherever you are!

Coach Kickstart Book

Get a copy of Matt's Coach Kickstart Book.

1x Workbook

A Coach Kickstart work book for completing the action points and tasks in the program.

1x Infographic

A full infographic highlighting the key points of the Coach Kickstart Program.

1x Cheatsheet

A fantastic summary of all the key points of the program.

Coach Forms Coaching Toolkit

A series of forms and documents required for your coaching business.

Bonus Blackstar Marketing Strategy

Matt's secret marketing strategy to keep your coaching business running on autopilot - making you money while you sleep!

Effective Blogging Guide

A full guide on how to write engaging and interesting blog posts to attract audience to your business. 

Bonus Creation Guide

A guide on how to create bonus items to increase conversions for your coaching business.

V.I.P Facebook Group

Special VIP access to our The Coaching Elite ™ a private facebook group specifically for coaches.

3 Digital Tools Courses

You will get access to 3 digital tools training courses of your choice. These include comprehensive tutorials on different software from Facebook Live, Anchor Podcast, Clickfunnels, Udemy and many more.

Program Content

In the first week, I will introduce you to the program and prepare your for the journey of creating a successful coaching business.

In the second week, we will work on finding and analysing your expertise and experience. 

The fun begins! We will analyze competition, find your ideal market and create unique benefits and value of your signature coaching system.

We will spend this week naming, branding and reviewing your program. In this week we will start interacting with your current and future customers.

Maybe the most exciting week! I will help you choose a format, create supporting materials and most importantly, have you start selling !

In this week we will deal with numbers.... We will figure out pricing and financial goals and create a marketing system that sells.

In this week we will expand your system, create a marketing funnel and make any changes needed for you to reach a maximum number of clients.

Cherry on top. I will reveal my exclusive BlackStar marketing strategy that will make you money in your sleep. This week alone is worth thousands of dollars - golden nuggets of information you can't find anywhere else.

Create Your Unique Coaching Business

In this powerful program, you will find EVERYTHING you need to create a high-level coaching business that can unlock an avalanche of clients, income, freedom and purpose you are hungry for!

Discover how to create your own signature coaching program that is aligned with your soul, is super marketable and is totally aligned with your clients’ desires, so they whip out their credit cards and snap it up!

Join with the Coaching Elite

An EliteKickstarter™ is a standout renegade that bucks the conventional coaching paradigm leverages their expertise and adopts the mindset of a world class coach. 

As an EliteKickstarter™

  • "I  have an inexhausatable list of prospects banging on my door"
  • "I never seek out clients - clients come to me"
  • "I  play to my strengths and am  committed to excellence" 
  • "I  only work with my dream / perfect clients"
  • "I work with people because I  WANT to not because I  HAVE to"
  • "I leverages my knowledge to attract my perfect client" 
  • "I believes in doing more, having more & being more"
  • "I am absolutely fine with making above average income" 
  • "I am deciated to my success and the success of others"
  • "I have an open mind and an unrivalled creativity"

See what other coaches just like you say:

Judith Waker

Certified NLP & Trading Coach

Michael Parsons and Janet Parsons

Personal Development Coaches

You already know you’ve got to claim your place in the coaching business market - and now you just need to get out of your head to actually claim it!

You already know you’ve got to create super-sellable and scalable offerings – and now you just need to put your genius to work!

You already know you’ve got to create a coaching business that will scale your impact to multiple-six figures and beyond – and now you’ve got to get clarity about they ways in which you can kickstart you journey!

You already know growing your business via hard work and hustle is super limiting – so now you’ve got to truly open yourself up to receiving and do it with much greater ease!

Find your perfect program

Coach Kickstart comes in 2 variants. Choose the one that suits your needs. Payment plans available at the checkout page.

Coach Kickstart

The best way to kickstart your coaching career. Packed with content and value crafted for you by Matt Barnett. Only for people serious about starting their own coaching business.
payment plans available
Online Learning Course
Weekly Q&As
Cheat Sheet
Coaching Forms
Coach Kickstart Workbook
Bonus Creation Guide
Effective Blogging Guide
MP3's (All Lectures)
Blackstart Marketing Strategy
3 Digital Tools Courses
Live Sessions with Matt

Coach Kickstart Elite

The well known program accompanied with Interactive Live Sessions with Matt! You will be able to ask questions and get immediate answers from Matt during a live presentation.
payment plans available
Online Learning Course
Weekly Q&As
Cheat Sheet
Coaching Forms
Coach Kickstart Workbook
Bonus Creation Guide
Effective Blogging Guide
MP3's (All Lectures)
Blackstart Marketing Strategy
3 Digital Tools Courses
Live Sessions with Matt

Still do not know where to start?

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