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Become an Internationally Certified SMART Goals Coach

Internationally Certified

Learn how to become an internationally recognised SMART Goals Coach.

Unconscious Mind

You will learn how to control your unconscious mind so that you can easily hit their goals, help others to do the same.

Belief - Knowledge

Students will understand the difference between belief and knowledge and how this subtle shift can make a huge difference

Set Goals Correctly

Students will learn the CORRECT way to write you goals so that you can be sure of success

Become a SMART Goals Coach. Start now.

So that you can get bigger, better, and more impressive results for your clients

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Your Instructor - Matt Barnett

International Coach and Trainer

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Headgear™ Labs CEO

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"I enjoyed taking this course. I learned a lot of useful information about goal setting for myself and my clients. He even included forms at the end to help make working with clients easier."

Jennifer Firestone