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"As usual with Matt’s courses you get quality information.

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What's inside:

Introduction - Explaining systems thinking

This course will give you the benefit of a new type of thinking. Instead of looking at things laterally and logically, we need to think in systems. The world is full of systems and the effect of our actions travel round in loops. 

Section 1 - Defining systems and circular thinking

A system has lots of different parts that work together to create an outcome but the nature of systems can vary widely in terms of properties, complexity and behaviour. Feedback is a key part of this process. 

Section 2 - Mental models, cause and effect and logic

These three modules explain what mental models are and why they are important. How cause and effect actually works and why logic doesn’t work as well as systems thinking. This will bring your understanding of systems thinking to a new level. 

Section 3 - Learning and perspective

The way we learn takes the form of a system. But there’s more than one type of learning we can experience as well as blocks preventing learning. Perspective is essential to understanding. A situation can completely change from a new point of view. 

Section 4 - Plotting systems

As we have already learnt, systems can get complicated so drawing out a system diagram is a great way to understand a system better. Without a clear view of how a system works, it will be difficult to predict or change the system. 

Section 5 -- Changing systems

Often the reason a system is being looked at is because it is not working properly. The interconnectedness of systems means they aren’t easy to change unless you can find the leverage points. 

Section 6 - The history of systems thinking

While systems thinking might be something you haven’t really heard of before, it does have a significant history. Systems were starting to be developed and discovered centuries ago but it is only recently we have understood how to apply this type of thinking. 

Why Systems Thinking?

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Discover the magical emergent properties of systems so that you can quite literally evoke results that come from 'nowwhere'

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What my students say:

Don’t take my word. My course has been reviewed & rated with five stars by thousands of students.

"I have to say that everytime I take one of Matt's courses, they get better. I like the debth of knowledge each lesson applies and how he provides examples. There are many people who express the theory yet do not explain the application which is key. People need strategies and methodologies to be able to apply the ideologies."

Laura, Systems Thinking Practitioner

"The concepts are so universal that this course is a great benefit to all. From everyday life to the CEO of a corporation or the even the life style entrepreneur."

Anton Stegmann, Systems Thinking Practitioner

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