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"Come and join me LIVE and learn the perfect business today!"

"The ultimate course creator program is a fantastic course. It's so comprehensive, so much information within it. It's presented in really easy consumable chunks so you can progress through the course., Putting the work in and learning really quickly as you go. Matthew's support as well has been invaluable. It's worth the cost of the course alone, just having Matthews experience and expertise available to support, so I'd highly recommend.​"

Mark Chitty

3 Principles expert/coach

Matt Barnett has worked with over 130,000 people all over the world helping them build profitable levearged businesses

"…at the end of  the day we are all striving at one level or another to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness and contentment. Whether we know it or not though  everything we need to be happy is within easy reach. You just have to know where to look and your happiness is just a decision away"

- Matt Barnett, International Coach

Ultimate Course Creator™ Program

What you will be able to do by joining the Ultimate Course Creator™ program system:

Come up with dozens and dozens of great course topics to teach EVEN if you think you have nothing to share.

Discover how to create wildly engaging course that work WITH your students psychology to ensure that you get fantastic feedback and reviews.

Learn Matt's secret'Q-Script' method for content delivery that will enable ANYONE to be a natural, confident and powerful presenter

Share your Passion with the world, Impact people's live & make money in your sleep - on AUTOPILOT.

Look at the incredible value packed into this 8 week program:

Online Learning Course

8 weeks worth of online video course content on creating a successful online course. 92 engaging video lectures to guide you in creation of your online course.

Effective Blogging Guide

A full guide on how to write engaging and interesting blog posts to attract audience to your business. 

Bonus Creation Guide

A guide on how to create bonus items to increase conversions for your coaching business.


Each week you will be assigned homework to help you digest and comprehend the program's content.

3 Digital Tools Courses

You will get access to 3 digital tools training courses of your choice. These include comprehensive tutorials on different software from Facebook Live, Anchor Podcast, Clickfunnels, Udemy and many more.

Program Content

In the first week, I will introduce you to the program and prepare your for the journey of creating a successful course.

In the second week of the UCC program you will set your objectives, learn The PEARL Framework and set up your recording space.

This week you will ensure good audio and video quality, add value to your course and make your course uniquely valuable.

We will spend this week creating your strategy about creating and hosting your online course.

You're almost there! This week you will create titles, descriptions and a promo video for you course. 

In this week we will decide your teaching style, lecture lenght, course length and I will teach you the Modality Magic.

In this week we will make sure your course is flawless, add engaging music and master advanced tools to take your lectures to the next level.

Final week where I will teach you my secret Q Script Method and wrap up your course with guidance on how to set it up for success.

The Ultimate Course Creator Program will also work for YOU!

Look, I know that you can build a successful  course business and enjoy the time and money freedom that brings. I know because I have done it and I have helped thousands of coaches all around the world to do the same

Ultimate Course Creator™ = Your Blueprint for Success

Discover exactly what you need to do and who you need to be to enroll your perfect students / clients share  your passion with the world and make money in your sleep.

Because… Here is the thing, ok? Whether you are consciously aware of it or not,  you have inside  you a wealth of knowledge and skills  that will impact your students lives massively. AND YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to share what you  know with others if you can help them.

See what other Ultimate Course Creators say:

Judith Waker

NLP Coach and a Course Creator

Michael Parsons and Janet Parsons

Personal Development Coaches and Course Creators

You see, your success as a course creator actually has  very little to do with how well you know your subject…

No… The fact is that your success DEPENDS on your ability to connect with your audience and engage them with  your content.

The good news is, you can learn precisely how to to build a successful online course/coaching business.

When you follow the proven, step-by-step Ultimate Course Creator™ Program you will attract more clients. You will help more people. You can create the business you have always wanted and earn a great living doing what you love.

Share your passion with the world – Impact people’s lives – make  money in your sleep.

Attract Great Students and Grow Your Coaching/Course Business

Share your passion with the world, Impact people's lives & make money in your sleep WITHOUT spending a SINGLE PENNY on Marketing and advertising.

When you choose to join the Ultimate Course Creator™ program you will learn the step by step system, for creating best-selling courses from an industry expert. 

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